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11 November, 2021

BOM releases 2022 weather calendar

The Bureau of Meteorology’s annual calendar featuring a range of spectacular climatic photographs is always much anticipated by weather buffs and the 2022 edition was released recently.

The BOM calendar’s December page features the lights of Aurora Australis over the Davis Station meteorological office in Antarctica, the photograph taken by Barry Becker.

Photographs which are featured on the 2022 calendar include a dust devil, images of Aurora Australis and threatening cloud formations.

The images were captured by professional and amateur photographers and each is accompanied by an explanation prepared by meteorologists from the Bureau.

With one for each month and one for the cover, there are thirteen photographs featured in the calendar and they were selected from more than 1400 submissions.

Bureau meteorologist Dean Narramore said this year’s images showcased the diverse and spectacular range of weather Australia experiences.

“The calendar is a fantastic opportunity to further educate Australians about the weather events and other phenomena the Bureau monitors and informs the community about every day,” he said.

“One of my favourite images is the July photo.

“It’s a supercell thunderstorm in Gympie, Queensland - a particularly strong, long-lived type of thunderstorm that can sustain itself for hours.

“Supercells are an impressive sight, but many people don’t realise just how dangerous they can be.

 “This one brought very strong winds, heavy rainfall and in some areas, hail up to the size of tennis balls.

“The rotating base you can see in the photograph is a clear indication that the storm is severe,and that potentially dangerous conditions may be on the way.

“Anybody seeing something like this should check the current warnings on our website or on the BOM weather app.

“We love putting the calendar out every year because we get to teach people about how the weather works, all the while admiring these spectacular images of uniquely Australian landscapes and breathtaking weather events.”

Due to potential COVID restrictions, purchases of the 2022 calendar may only be made online or by calling 1300 798 789.

The email address for orders is

The Bureau shop offers options to send calendars to multiple locations domestically or internationally.

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