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2 March, 2022

Know the difference between rabbits and hares

Although as far as looks are concerned the differences between rabbits and hares are only subtle, rabbits can do far more harm so it is important to be able to tell apart one from another.

It is helpful to know a rabbit from a hare.

Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board (DDRMB)Chair Janice Holstein, a councillor for the Lockyer Valley Region, said rabbits cause significant damage to agriculture, the natural environment and to property by undermining infrastructure and destroying gardens.

The DDMRB maintains the 555km rabbit fence that runs from Goombi (north west of Chinchilla) to Mt Gipps (near Rathdowney), as well as working with landholders and Councils to prevent rabbits from becoming established in its 28,000km2 operational area, which is home to much of Queensland’s most productive agricultural land and unique ecosystems.

DDMRB Director and Toowoomba Region Councillor Tim McMahon said he often hears people say that rabbits are everywhere around Toowoomba, but a lot of the time they will actually see hares and mistake them for rabbits. 

“It’s important to know the difference between the two,” Cr McMahon said.

Like rabbits, hares are introduced animals but do not pose the same impacts as rabbits. 

They do not burrow, nor do they have the breeding capacity of rabbits. 

Hares, unlike rabbits, are not declared pest animals in Queensland and landowners must take steps to control them on their land.

Cr Holstein is urging people to report rabbit sightings in the DDMRB area either by phone, social media or via their website. 

“Our compliance staff are on hand to visit properties and provide assistance with advice on the most effective control methods to suit the situation,” she said.

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