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29 November, 2021

Local agricultural economy worth $78.91 million

New data from the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) shows the gross value of production (GVP) for the area of Clifton - Greenmount is set to increase by 14.44 per cent for 2021-22 compared to 2020-21, from $68.95 million to $78.91 million.

The GVP for Clifton - Greenmount in 2019-20 was $56.73 million.

For 2021-22, crops account for close to half of the area’s production, at $37.09 million or 47 per cent.

This is followed by livestock disposals at 25.33 per cent, vegetables at 13.29 per cent, livestock products at 12.94 per cent and lifestyle horticulture at 1.44 per cent, with no fruit and nut production recorded.

The entire GVP of Queensland for 2021-22 is $15.45 billion, an increase of 7.33 per cent compared to last year.

The GVP of the Darling Downs - Maranoa region, stretching from the Southern Downs to Roma but not including Toowoomba, is $4.3 billion, with close to half of the value coming from crops.


Grain sorghum has the highest proportion of GVP of any crop in the Clifton - Greenmount area, at 36.9 per cent, followed by wheat at 17.51 per cent and barley at 13.24 per cent.

Compared to 2019-20, barley saw the highest increase in GVP, rising by 110.77 per cent to $4.9 million.

Wheat was not far behind, rising by 99.42 per cent to $6.49 million.

The value of ‘other crops’, which does not include chickpeas, cotton, sugar cane or any cereal grains was the only crop to have a drop, falling by 13.57 per cent.


Unsurprisingly, cattle and calves account for the majority of livestock disposals GVP for Clifton - Greenmount, to the value of $13.27 million and a 66.4 per cent share.

This is followed by poultry at $3.89 million or 19.47 per cent of livestock disposals, pigs at $2.65 million or 13.28 per cent and others at $169,020 or 0.85 per cent.

The value of cattle and calves increased by 7.54 per cent compared to 2020-21 and pigs decreased by 0.54 per cent.


The vegetables most commonly grown in Queensland are not those which predominantly grow in the Clifton-Greenmount area.

‘Other vegetables’ comprised 64.88 per cent of vegetables to a total of
$6.8 million, which includes broccoli and spinach among others.

Of the remaining vegetables, lettuce comprised by far the largest proportion, at 26.05 per cent or $2.73 million, followed by onions at 3.77 per cent, carrots at 2.78 per cent and pumpkin at 2.52 per cent.

Compared to 2020-21, lettuce has had a GVP rise of 12 per cent, pumpkins of 3.57 per cent and other vegetables 0.63 per cent.

Onions and carrots remained the same.


Milk GVP for 2021-22 is $8.89 million out of a total of $10.21 million for livestock products, or 88.02 per cent and an increase of 1.37 per cent compared to 2020-21.

Egg production is $1.1 million and wool $120,610.


The smallest agricultural industry has a total GVP of $1.14 million, comprising 79.91 per cent turf and 20.09 per cent nurseries.

To see the full DAF data set, visit here.

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