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4 June, 2021

New weed control hub

Weeds are estimated to cost the Australian livestock industry over $3 billion per year, according to research commissioned by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

Invasive weed giant rats tail grass is a common problem for landholders in the Toowoomba Region.

In a new campaign to tackle the problem, MLA has launched a weed control resource hub that brings together the latest research and practical tips and tools to help producers get weeds under control early.

MLA  Group  manager - Adoption and Commercialisation, Sarah Strachan, said the new hub would provide identification and treatment options to encourage producers to proactively tackle weeds.

“Having a planned control program before sowing, monitoring established pasture species and tactical use of grazing, fertiliser and chemicals are crucial to reducing competition from weeds,” she said.

“Pasture weeds are not always easily identified as most weedy species have some feed value at some point in their life cycle. But don’t be fooled by the green feed available it’s important to look out for new weed infestations before they become too difficult and costly to contain.

“Research suggests that weed control in livestock enterprises far outweigh the costs, estimating that for every dollar invested in weed control, the return on investment is around $4.”

Ms Strachan said reducing the weed burden during winter would help set the feed base up for a productive spring.

“Around  May-June, either before or after the first grazing of winter forages, is an opportune time for producers to get on top of winter weed species,” she said.

“How well producers know their weeds this winter will prove to pay off in spring. Early detection and maintenance are the low-cost solutions to weed control and boosting pasture performance.”

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