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12 January, 2022

New year, new tree

The start of 2022 seems as good a time as any to provide some shade and scenery for your property by planting trees, as Jan Lowing of Nobby has done on her property.

Jan Lowing and Siggy in front of one of her favourite trees on the property.

Throughout her twenty years of living at her Nobby Connection Road property, Ms Lowing has planted numerous trees of different shapes, sizes and varieties.

She said trees offer a welcome change from the flat and rather barren outlook that farmland surrounding Nobby and Clifton provides.

Ms Lowing said once a tree seedling has been established, it requires very little time and effort to maintain it.

She said all you need to do is get a shovel and plant the seedling in a singular hole.

With a five inch tree tube and five inches of rain, you will not have to water it again.

Trees that Ms Lowing has planted, which have all been frost-proof, include ironbarks, Chinchilla white gums, she-oaks, Pepperinas, Angophoras and forest red gums.

The Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland has a comprehensive guide of what types of trees and shrubs should be planted in the Darling Downs.

For example, Fringed Wattle, a bushy 7m tree with fine, dark green leaves, bronze tips in spring and perfumed, pale lemon to golden flower balls, suits a variety of soils with good drainage.

Other recommended trees include Snow In Summer, Crow’s Ash, Leichhardt Bean, Tulipwood and Desert Ash.

Mountain Ash is not recommended as the winged seeds from its flowers germinate readily.

To see the brochure, visit here.

Seedlings for trees can be purchased from many different retailers and nurseries.

Ms Lowing said she had been as far as Mole Station Native Nursery near Tenterfield.

She advises people to beware of grubs when planting trees and watching them grow and personally she prefers not to spray them.

Ms Lowing believes a few more trees on the horizon would do wonders for the landscape.

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