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29 November, 2021

Nurseries dominate local ag economy

New data from the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) shows 81.99 per cent of the gross value of production (GVP) for the area of Cambooya - Wyreema comes from nurseries.

The Cambooya - Wyreema statistical area boundary.

In 2021-22, nurseries account for $61.09 million out of a total GVP of $74.51 million.

The GVP of Cambooya - Wyreema in 2020-21 has increased by 2.33 per cent compared 2020-21 when it was $72.78 million, which was an increase from 2019-20’s total of $62.46 million.

After lifestyle horticulture, which exclusively includes nurseries in the case of Cambooya - Wyreema, the next largest agricultural industry in the area is crops, which has an 8.43 per cent share, followed by livestock disposals with 4.08 per cent, vegetables with 4.05 per cent and livestock products with 1.45 per cent.

Grain sorghum has the largest GVP of any crop at $1.72 million, other cereal grains at $1.27 million, other crops at $1.02 million, barley at $602,830, cotton (raw) at $521,240, wheat at $516,470, chickpeas at $374,970 and maize at $259,960.

Compared to 2020-21, the GVP of barley is up 110.77 per
cent, the highest of any crop.

Wheat is not far behind, increasing by 99.42 per cent year on year, while grain sorghum grew by 15.52 per cent and other crops fell by 13.57 per cent.

Within the livestock disposals industry, cattle and calves contributed $2.01 million to the GVP of Cambooya - Wyreema and Poultry $1.033 million, the two commodities increasing by 7.54 per cent and 1.67 per cent respectively compared to 2020-21.

For vegetables, lettuce had by far the greatest proportion of the GVP, contributing $2.12 million or 70.2 per cent of vegetables.  

This is an increase of 12 per cent compared to 2020-21.

The  livestock  products  industry  entirely  consists  of  milk and the GVP totalled $1.08 million, an increase of 1.37 per cent from 2020-21.

The entire GVP of Queensland for 2021-22 is $15.45 billion, an increase of 7.33 per cent compared to last year.

The GVP of the DAF Toowoomba region, which incorporates Toowoomba, its immediate surrounds and the western portion of Lockyer Valley to Gatton, is $305.01 million in 2021-22.

To see the full DAF dataset, visit here.

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