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24 March, 2022

Oakey Landcare members spend a morning planting more koala habitat

On Friday 18th March, Oakey Urban Landcare members spent the morning planting fifty Eucalyptus Amplifolia Cabbage Gums for koalas.

The group commenced planting the trees at 7am in a paddock that has been turned into koala habitat on Oakey Kelvinhaugh Road.

Oakey Urban Landcare started this project four years ago and said that it is a continual process as some of the trees die young and need replacing.

The type of tree being planted, Eucalyptus Amplifolia Cabbage Gum, is a koala-friendly variety.

The organisation has a tractor which carries large containers of water which members use to water the trees.

When planting young trees, members spray paint the wooden marker put into the ground next to the planted tree so that they know which ones need more water.

They have hopes of filling the entire paddock with trees. 

However they need to firstly test the soil to make sure it is viable for growing eucalyptus, due to there being different soil to the other half of the paddock. 

Oakey Urban Landcare’s goal is to increase koala population in the local area by providing them with appropriate habitat. 

However the group needs more volunteers to help with the expansion of the habitat. 

Oakey Urban Landcare meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at the CWA rooms at 4 Cherry Street, Oakey.

Contact Oakey Urban Landcare President Trevor Cockburn on 0409 633 352.

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