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6 May, 2022

Our Graingrowers Need To Be Involved

Where should Australian grains research, development and extension (RD&E) focus to help ensure the nation’s growers are profitable now and into the future?

This is the multi-million-dollar question that Australia’s leading research investor, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is now asking industry.

GRDC invests more than $180 million per year on behalf of the nation’s grain growers to drive the discovery, development and delivery of world-class innovation. The aim being to deliver new and improved crop varieties, farming practices, technologies and capabilities that support the enduring profitability of the country’s 22,000-plus grain farming operations.

The organisation is now asking grain growers, advisers, researchers and industry stakeholders to have input into GRDC’s new five-year-plan that will guide investment into RD&E from 2023-28.

This “grain storming” stage will be the first opportunity for growers to contribute their insights and perspective on the drivers, threats and opportunities for the grains industry. Recognising people are busy GRDC will provide multiple opportunities for consultation and feedback between now and February 2023.

GRDC Chair John Woods said “Grain growers manage about four per cent of the Australian continent covering an estimated 22.4 million hectares, and this year growers will contribute more than $20 billion to the national economy, so they play an important part in delivering economic and environmental outcomes on behalf of the broader community.

“The current RD&E plan continues to deliver impactful research outcomes for industry with gains in varietal development, agronomic, crop protection and the climate challenge space to name a few areas, but there is still more to be done.”

Mr Woods said the next RD&E plan informed by growers, would determine how and where GRDC invested, as well as priorities, partners and risk appetite.

To find out how you can be involved or to have your say on the future priorities and needs for GRDC RD&E in the grains sector go to, RDE plan consultation at

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