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1 November, 2021

Quality entries in Oakey Show Society winter crop competition

A total of 25 high quality entries was received in the Oakey Show Society’s 2021 Dryland Winter Crop Competition across the wheat and barley sections with farmers from across the district excelling in these categories.

John Kummerow from Bowenville pictured with his winning durum wheat crop.

Oakey Show Society president Judy Byers congratulated the winners and all entrants for their participation.

In the barley section, first and second place were taken out by the Anderson family (Arcadia Rural), Brimblecombe’s Road with the Oxford variety.  

Several other entries in the barley section were also impressive with the crop condition and estimated yield.

In the prime hard wheat category, first place was jointly shared by the Rosenberger family of Silverleigh, with Flanker, and Girraween Farming - Trevor and John Kummerow of Bowenville with the newer variety Sunblade.

In the durum wheat category, first place went to Girraween Farming with Westcourt variety.

Competition coordinator and judge Graham Cooke said the entries showcased the excellent results of favourable weather conditions, good varietal selection, the adoption of contemporary farming practices and good nutrient management and crop husbandry.

He said significant late summer and autumn rain had built up the plant available water in the soil profile, which was enhanced by smaller regular weekly falls through early to mid-winter. 

“These factors contributed to the establishment of potentially very high yielding crops,” Mr Cooke said.

“At the time of crop inspection and judging from the end of September through to early October, the maturity status of the crops varied widely due to these crops being sown in a wider than usual window from late April through to June.”

“Though the drier conditions through September had some impact on yield potential, all entries and inspected crops had a well above average yield potential. 

“There was evidence of some frost damage.”

Mr Cooke said harvesting had commenced in local isolated locations in September with others commencing in October.      

“This activity is now generally much earlier than the accepted practice in previous decades,” he said.

“All participating growers have expressed their amazement with the ability of the current varieties to grow and perform in a range of conditions, thereby leading to very satisfactory yields.  

“Additionally, the disease pressures appeared to be minimal primarily due to the close monitoring by growers and advisers, and absence of built up pressure from the 2020 winter crops.”

The winners of the prime hard wheat and barley categories will now represent the district at the 2021 RASQ Darling Downs Field Wheat and Barley competitions. 

They will also be presented with their prizes at the Oakey Show in March 2022.

Mrs Byers thanked all participants and the competition co-ordinator and judge Graham Cooke for the ongoing support to the Oakey Show Society Dryland Winter Crop competition.

She said she also looks forward to the next competition in 2022.

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