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23 September, 2021

Record canola spurs another wonder winter crop

Australian winter crops are set for another bumper year with favourable conditions and a record amount of land sown to winter crops.

ABARES Executive Director Dr Jared Greenville said it’s set to be a particularly good year for canola, with the national crop forecast to be a record-breaking 5 million tonnes, an increase of 11 per cent.

“This year is looking set to be another strong year for growers, with the national winter crop harvest projected to be 54.8 million tonnes,” Dr Greenville said.

“This is about 32 per cent above the ten-year average to 2020-21, although it is a slight fall of about 2 per cent on last year’s harvest.

“Given the winter crop in 2020-21 was the second largest on record, this is still a substantial result.

“The area sown to winter crops this year is at record and stands at 23.2 million hectares.”

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