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20 May, 2021

Success for PSHS students at Beef 2021

Pittsworth State High School (PSHS) have some fantastic results to report after eight of their Cattle Team students took part in Beef Australia 2021.

Eight Pittsworth State High School Catte Team students took part in Beef 2021 and saw much success. Back (from left): Shanaya Habenschuss, Emily Trim, Emily Caesar, Kelsie Wilkes, Samantha Birch, Hannah Tandy. Front : Lacey Marshall, Chloe Keevers.

The PSHS girls who competed were accompanied by their Ag teacher and Cattle Team organiser Jacqui Schiller and they had much success during the week:

Heifer 9 and under 12 months

1st Royal Gold led by Lacey Marshall

3rd Rhapsody led by Samantha Birch

Calf Champion Royal Gold

Bull 9 and under 12 months

1st Renowned led by Emily Trim

Heifer 17 and under 19 months

1st Qi’lin led by Shanaya Habenschuss

2nd Qwerty 

Junior Champion Qi’lin

Reserve Junior Champion Qwerty

Bull 17 under 19 months

1st Quigley led by Chloe Keevers

Bull 19 and under 21 months

1st Quigley Downunder led by Emily Caesar

Reserve Junior Champion – Bull

Quigley Downunder

Heifer 21 and under 24 months

1st Q-Girl led by Hannah Tandy

Cow 36 and under 48 months

1st New Attitude led by Emily Caesar

16 and 17 years Junior Judging

5th Samantha Birch

Finalist - Emily Trim.

The nationwide event, Beef Australia 2021, which took place in Rockhampton, ran from May 2nd to May 8th and is one of Australia’s biggest beef related events held every three years, with people travelling from all around the country to attend.

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