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24 September, 2021

Warwick farmers repair bushfire damaged fencing with Rural Aid’s help

Australia’s leading rural charity, Rural Aid, recently deployed a team of volunteers to the Warwick region to help with ongoing natural disaster recovery.

Twenty-one volunteers have just fi nished working on three farms in the Upper Freestone and Swanfels area. Upper Freestone farmer Chris Mauch had kilometres of his fencing destroyed by fire. “It’s unbelievable to cut a long story short. I put a brand new fence up there before the fi res and it turned to ashes,” Mr Mauch said. 

He said he was grateful to have a team of Rural Aid volunteers help him fence for a week. “I’ve been on the land 50 years, all my life, and it’s hard enough to be on the land. It’s just great to get a hand to repair all those fences that are in desperate need. I’m indebted to Rural Aid.”

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