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9 May, 2021

Watch out for Parthenium weed

Landholders are being urged to be vigilant in watching for Parthenium, a weed toxic to cattle and sheep, that has been seen around Nobby.

Be on the lookout for this weed, Parthenium.

Parthenium grows to 1-1.5m tall, has pale green leaves that are covered with fine, soft hairs and has flowers that are small and creamy white in colour with black seeds.

It is classified as a Weed of National Significance, meaning the Federal Government designates it as one of the most problematic plant species.

It can cause stock to have allergic skin reactions when they’re located in areas infected by the weed.

The weed can also cause contact dermatitis and allergic reactions such as asthma and hay fever and ongoing issues for primary producers who have ongoing contact with the pest.

Toowoomba Regional Council Portfolio Leader for Environment and Community Cr Tim McMahon said Parthenium is a highly invasive pest which has overrun large tracts of land in Central Queensland and it’s vital farmers and families on affected properties take precautions to manage risks associated with the weed.

“Parthenium can have a devastating impact on the landscape and be harmful to people who come in contact with it for prolonged periods of time,” Cr McMahon said.

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