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9 March, 2022

2022 modified Pittsworth Show was a success

The 2022 Pittsworth Show finished with a bang on Saturday night after a successful two days running a modified program.

Despite all the challenges and modifications, the Pittsworth Show was a great success.

Despite all the challenges thrown at the Pittsworth Show Society this year, no amount of COVID or flooding could stop it from running a fantastic show.

This year, the show ran under a modified program, which just included the livestock sections - beef cattle, horses, show jumping, stud sheep and prime lambs. 

Although numbers were down due to COVID-19 and the recent flooding, there were still hundreds of competitors overall in the sections.

On Friday, the popular prime lamb auction went ahead and was a great success.

Joe Mildren, who organised the lamb auction with the help of other Show Stewards, said the auction went well, all things considered.

“This year with the flooding we were worried we wouldn’t get many lambs, but our wonderful producers produced 62 lambs,” Mr Mildren said.

“Last year we had 72 but it was dry at the time, so it was a great result. 

“Our local butchers Thomo Meats and the Ashton family are always great supporters of ours and buy a lot of lambs, which we’re very thankful for. 

“We thank our Head Steward Brendan Mainsbridge. 

“Brendan comes all the way up from Forbes. 

“He weighs the lambs and puts them all in the classes and we couldn’t run the show without him, so a great result for all.”

“This year, the cheapest lambs were $145 and the most expensive went for $275, so it was a great result for the Show Society.

“Last year we had a bigger buying panel. 

“Some of our big buyers weren’t available this year, but we still had a great sale and we thank the buyers for coming along, and all the producers.”

Also at the sale a single lamb was auctioned off to raise money to go towards helping cleaning up after the Grantham flood.

The lamb was donated by AGR Science and Technology, for whom Mr Mildren manages a property.

Ray White Rural Pittsworth were the highest bidder on the lamb at $300.

The firm kindly re-donated it in order to raise more money for the cause.

The lamb then sold again for $300, so a total of $600 was raised.

The auction was conducted by Ray White Rural Pittsworth and all commission was given to the Show Society.

Around the auction, plenty of other events were happening in the horse and cattle rings, which provided lots of entertainment for onlookers.

The show concluded with a fantastic fireworks display on Saturday night.

President of the Pittsworth Show Society Lindsey Lack said he was really happy with how the show turned out.

“To be able to hold the event was absolutely fantastic,” Mr Lack said.

“We could’ve taken the easy option and done nothing at all, but we wanted to give competitors and exhibitors the opportunity to get out and compete.

“Numbers were obviously down, but we fully anticipated that.

“Just to be able to put it on for competitors and exhibitors to get out and strut their stuff is what we felt was most important.

“We still thought it was very well attended and believe the effort the Show Society went to in order to run the show was greatly appreciated by competitors.

“The fireworks on Saturday night was a sensational and fitting end to our show.

“I would like to thank the sponsors that stood by us and all the competitors and exhibitors for coming along and being

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