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3 August, 2022

45 years is a lot of good mornings and cheerios!

Darryl O’Sullivan remembers well his first day of work at Ashton’s Butchery - in fact, it was a picnic.

Back then the annual Butcher’s Picnic Holiday meant a day off for those in the trade and so his first actual day on the job began the next day, August 2. That was 45 years ago this week. 

Owners Rob and Rhonda had taken over the butchery in January 1977 and have since shifted into the building next door and expanded with specialised coldrooms and buildings at the rear of the shop.  

Darryl has been with Ashton’s ever since - he can remember handing out cheerios to kids who grew up and now bring in grandchildren of their own for the treat. 

But while the milestone was acknowledged at work this week, there are no
plans to hand up his butcher’s apron any time soon. 

Rhonda said Darryl was a valued member of the Ashton’s team. 

“You couldn’t get a more honest and reliable person,” she said.

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