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12 July, 2021

A scone and a cuppa in Pilton

Despite the atmosphere of COVID and lockdowns, many elders of the district ventured to Pilton Soldiers Memorial Hall last Thursday to take part in the Seniors Devonshire Tea event.

A scone, a cuppa, a chat and a laugh. The seniors at Pilton Hall enjoyed themselves immensely.

Pilton was host to the second edition of the event, which premiered in Greenmount last month.

The seniors were treated to a set menu Devonshire Tea, including homemade scones with cream and marmalade accompanied by tea or coffee.

The event was organised
by mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo Shannon and Carol Priebbenow.

Carol Priebbenow said she came up with the idea after seeing a similar event advertised on the Sunshine Coast.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the seniors in our country communities,” she said. 

Shannon said wanted to give back and provide an opportunity for the seniors in the local community to come together and connect in a social setting.

“Social isolation in country communities is high and we wanted to simply break down these barriers, so this was a perfect opportunity,” she said.

Although the attendance of 20 or so was not as large as the Greenmount attendance of 50 or so, a good time was still had by all.

The attendees included Peter Spreadborough, who has recently moved with his wife to Greenmount from the Sunshine Coast, said he found out about the morning tea incidentally.

“My wife was stopped at Greenmount Post Office and given a leaflet,” Mr Spreadborough said.

After enjoying them-selves at the first morning tea in Greenmount, the Spreadboroughs made sure not to miss the Pilton event.

Mr Spreadborough said the morning tea was a great opportunity for “meeting new friends.”

Another attendee was Emmett Lyons, former Clifton Shire Council Chairman and resident of Pilton since 1952.

Mr Lyons said he had found out about the event after receiving a text message.

“It’s a social morning for older people,” Mr Lyons said.

Margaret Saville, a resident of Ascot, said this was the first Seniors Devonshire Tea that she had been too.

“I found out about it from a flyer on the internet.”

“It’s good to meet the ladies of the district and for chatter and friendship for the day,” Mrs Saville said.

The event is sponsored by Priebbenow Silage Contractors, the family business of Shannon and Carol Priebbenow.

Shannon Priebbenow said they are encouraging other local businesses to
get involved to help keep this worthy event going strong well into the future.

Raised through gold coin donations, the attendees decided to donate $145 to Pilton Soldiers Memorial Hall.

Shannon said this was a kind gesture as they were not charged a fee to hold
the event and the hall committee members organised the decorations and tables.

Shannon said they are planning to hold the next event in Nobby.

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