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17 August, 2022

A ‘Sconversation’ at Oakey Railway Station

The Oakey branch of the Queensland Country Women’s Association (CWA) recently hosted a morning tea at the Oakey Railway Station to celebrate 100 years of the CWA in Queensland.

CWA Oakey President Wendy Gordon, who addressed guests at the morning tea, said, “The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when you think of QCWA is tea and scones, so let’s have a ‘sconversation’.

“The humble scone and Devonshire tea have certainly been symbolic of the QCWA,” she said.

“The Association was established on 11th August back in 1922, with Ruth Fairfax as the first State President.

“Behind all the aprons, scones and teapots are very determined ladies.”

Ms Gordon said some of the initiatives the QCWA has been responsible for include supplying medical equipment to rural hospitals, lobbying for mandatory seatbelts in cars for road safety, sending stationary packs to poor countries, introducing audio rumble strips along highways and opening aged care homes including the one in Oakey (CWA House McLean Care). 

“A lot of people don’t know that all of those were resolutions put through the CWA branches to the government - this is a small sample of the QCWA’s achievements.”

“We are much more than just tea and scones, although having a cuppa and a chat is where friendships are made,” Ms Gordon said.

“Thank you again for coming out this morning to celebrate our centenary and we have our garden party next year in March.”

 Some of the special guests who attended where State Member for Condamine Pat Weir, Toowoomba Region Deputy Mayor Councillor Geoff McDonald and Toowoomba Regional Councillor Kerry Shine.

Members from other QCWA branches including Goombungee and Kingsthorpe also attended, as well as members from other local organisations such as the Oakey Men’s Shed.

The bustling event was covered extensively by other media crews as well, including Queensland Country Life and the event was televised by WIN News.

Cr McDonald thanked Ms Gordon and the Oakey branch for putting on a spectacular morning tea along with some QCWA trivia. 

“Thank you QCWA for a century of leading change for the benefit of all,” he said.

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