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15 February, 2023

Anne Glasheen takes the foot off the pedal

She’s most famously known as a former member of the old Clifton Shire Council and more recently the Toowoomba Regional Council, but outside local politics, Anne Glasheen and her husband, Bob, have been carrying a wide of range of goods for a wide range of people as part of their courier business.

Anne Glasheen has decided it’s time to take a well-earned break.

The Glasheens bought the courier service 35 years ago.

It had been operated by another well-known Clifton local, Graham Gillam, who had it in combination with a mail run.

However when his mail contract was not renewed, Graham off-loaded the courier service too, and since then it’s been the domain of Anne and Bob Glasheen, working as sub-contractors to a number of organisations over the years, such as Country Couriers and Security Express, the latest being the Toll Group.

In the early days of the Glasheen’s ownership, the local courier was responsible for distributing priority freight servicing organisations such as banks and blood collection groups.

It covered an area encompassing Deuchar, Goomburra, Allora, Clifton and Nobby.

In the last few years, it has expanded to a road freight courier service as a sub-contractor to Toll Group.

“Probably a million miles later and I have worn out a number of vans,” Anne said.

“No major accidents, some kangaroos, mailboxes and those pesky bollards have been in the way. 

“A few points lost along the way. 

“Have had seven different fluffy side kicks to keep me company over the years.” (Anne is an avid lover of the Old English Sheep Dog breed.)

While she spent 12 years as a Regional Councillor, Bob picked up the slack with the courier business.

Anne Glasheen has fond memories of the time she spent behind the wheel.

“We have enjoyed the years chatting with everyone delivering your parcels,”
she said in a social media post.

“I know I will be missed by certain puppies that see the white van coming and know they will get a Smacko treat.”

“Time to sign off for the next stage of life.”

Anne told The Clifton Courier she would like to relax a little.

“Maybe a little travelling,” she said.

“Might do some fishing, some caravanning and possibly some motorbike riding.”

However, given the level of energy she and Bob have displayed over many years in the community, it’s hard
to believe that “the next stage of life” will mean things get quieter.

Anne is currently president of the Clifton Local Ambulance Committee and is proving to be a very active leader of the team.

She is also a member of the Board of Clifton Co-op Hospital Limited, which operates the whole of the Clifton Community Health Services complex.

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