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31 May, 2023

Busy Bees at Cambooya

Year 6 at Cambooya State School has been studying the importance of bees this semester as part of the Hermitage Science Competition.

As part of their study into bees, Cambooya State School students were able to visit a beehive in a local backyard.

Recently the students were able to spend some time at a local backyard which has two bee hives.

The students were given a talk about the important job of bees and lots of information about how a hive works and the life of bees.  

The highlight of the visit was being able to harvest some honey from the beehive and taste it from different stages of the production of honey in the hive.  

Students were also able to dress up in the equipment required to safely take honey from a hive.  

The school says thank you to Mrs L for hosting them and sharing her immense knowledge.

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