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15 March, 2023

Cambooya Year 4’s Fabulous Fun Fact Friday

The fabulous fun fact Friday is always a hit at Cambooya State School and recently the topic was sunflowers.

Year 4 students and their amazing sunflower drawings.

Each week, the Year 4s at Cambooya State School practice their public speaking skills and entertain the students and parents by presenting Fabulous Fun Fact Friday.

This week’s topic was Sunflowers.  Did you know that Spanish explorers in the 1500s collected sunflowers from Central and North America and took them back to Europe or that the petals can be ground into a powder to make a dye.  

One of Vincent Van Gogh’s most popular paintings is of sunflowers as well. 

The Year 4s have learnt all of this and much more about sunflowers and shared quite a bit of their knowledge with the rest of the school on parade.  The added bonus is to practice their public speaking skills.  

We look forward to the next instalment of Fabulous Fun Fact Friday next Friday!

The Year 4s would like to say thank you to one of our local Businesses “Epeik Farming” at Rubivale for donating sunflower seeds, sunflowers, buds and seedlings.

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