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5 April, 2023

Chandlers Celebrate 75 Years of Marriage

Daphne and Archie met in the Spring of 1945 at the Spring Creek Hall Dance.

The two were enjoying their night dancing away with alternating partners to the Jolly Miller Waltz. 

As the fairy tale started, the music came to an end with Daph being Archie’s dancing partner. 

Arch will tell you, at that moment he knew he was going to marry Daph. 

After a couple of years, Daphne and Archie got married at All Saints Church of England in Clifton.

Throughout their lives, Arch was a farmer and Daphne a dedicated house wife. 

Raising two boys Leonard and Desmond. Both boys followed in their fathers’ footsteps to become successful farmers as well.

Leonard and Desmond both found the loves of their lives giving Daphne and Archie 6 grand children and 11 great grandchildren.

Daphne will be 96 in July 2023 & Archie 100 years young in May 2023.

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