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10 September, 2021

Child safety at Pittsworth Kindy

In honour of Child Protection Week, Sergeant Tim Hoffmann from the Pittsworth Police Station visited the Pittsworth Kindy on Tuesday to talk to the children about staying safe in the community.

The children at Pittsworth Kindy learnt all about staying safe with Sergeant Tim Hoffmann on Tuesday.

Discussing all things from wearing a seatbelt, to safely crossing the road, wearing a helmet and stranger danger, the aim was to educate the kids on the potential hazards in our community.

From a broader perspective Child Protection Week is also more than just teaching children about how to stay safe.

Having commenced on Monday, September 5th, and running until the 11th, the week serves as a reminder that protecting children is everyone’s business - not just for one week a year, but for the other 51 weeks as well.

Minister for Children Leanne Linard said she wants to see everyone helping to raise the profile of child protection so that everyone knows they have a role to play in keeping children safe. 

“Child Protection Week is celebrated across Australia every year and is a chance to acknowledge the commitment of everyone involved in child protection and highlight the important work they do,” she said.

“Everyone wants to see Queensland children thriving and families supported to be the best they can be, and this week helps make sure everyone has the tools they need moving forward.

“There has been a tremendous shift in community attitudes when it comes to child safety and we are seeing more and more people willing to stand up and take responsibility for the safety of children.

“Child protection is no longer hidden behind closed doors - it is now everybody’s business every day of the year.”

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