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21 June, 2021

Crochet work with a purpose

In this highly technical age it’s possibly hard to imagine that primary school students would take to an old art but at Back Plains State School, the students have grasped the technique of crocheting with enthusiasm.

Back Plains State School students busily doing crochet work to add to the collection they have already produced, such as the articles at the front of the photo. The founders of the scheme to provide animals for sick children in hospital are Zoey and Lily, who are at the left and right of the picture.

Under the guidance of Mrs Waters and with the assistance of Mrs Becker, the students have learned to crochet a variety of articles including animals and purses.

Interestingly not all of the work is the result of students using crochet hooks.

Some of them have learned to crochet with thicker yarns, using their fingers.

With students having produced some great results, two of the seniors - Lily and Zoey - initiated a plan to create animals that could be sent to children in local hospitals.

The two girls made their first approach to the Toowoomba Base Hospital and have organised to
meet with staff there next week so that plans can be put in place to provide the crocheted animals for children who are patients.

Lily and Zoey also plan to contact St. Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Toowoomba with the same offer.

Meanwhile, students at the Back Plains School are busy coming up with more crochet work so there will be a good supply for the children who are sick.

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