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29 October, 2021

Days For Girls’ Big Day Out

The Allora Team has been working towards making and preparing Hygiene Kits in conjunction with World Vision, Canada, to distribute to Refugees is Somalia and East Sudan.

Team of volunteers at Days for Girls Packing Day at Griffith University.

Australian Teams promised eight thousand kits but actually doubled that number. Allora contributed three hundred kits, one hundred packed locally and two hundred packed at Griffith University.

 Amnesty International at Griffith University, president, local lady, Mary Higgins, invited her country contacts to arrange a Packing Day at the University. Our members worked tirelessly over the last months to provide the components for the packing. 

Seven of the team, Kaylene Williams, Lenore Weissemann, Heather Goonan, Janine Baldwin, Kate Gordon, Cathie Wilson and Rosemary Easton represented our cohort. An early morning start saw them on the way to Nathan to be greeted by Amnesty personnel. The room was set up. The Queensland Coordinator arrived and at ten o’clock students, men and women, visited the display. They were shown the art of packing and individually packed complete kits. Over the next hour and a half students came and went as their time allowed and packed two hundred kits. There was laughter, conversation and enthusiasm which contributed to a very happy and productive morning.

Packages were labelled and prepared to be transported to a warehouse at Lytton.

It was heart-warming to work with the students and several of our group remarked that we could be confident that the world would be in good hands with the genuine attitude and competence of our student generation.

Thank you to Mary and her group, the students, our representatives, all of our active members in Allora and the local community that supports our efforts.


The team now will be working on packing bags for Share the Dignity which distributes packs to women in need. These packs will go into handbags, back packs or duffel bags. (These can be second hand but in reasonable condition.)

The bags will contain, sanitary items, including DFG kits, shampoo, conditioner soap, deodorant (not aerosol), tooth paste and tooth brushes, combs, biros, note pads and maybe something a woman/girl would value.

All items are distributed locally.


If so, items can be dropped at Tru Value Hardware, Allora: Clifton Community Opp Shop: 20 Davenport Street, Clifton or Bryson’s Florist, Warwick.

YOUR Contribution would be appreciated by us and those in need. THANK YOU.

PHONE: Heather 0430 907 904, Warwick or Lenore 0428 973 432, Clifton.

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