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21 September, 2022

‘Floss’ pays a visit to local kids

Oakey Family Dental’s mascot ‘Floss’ the giant tooth paid a visit to five local childcare centres to teach kids the importance of looking after their teeth.

Oakey Family Dental owner Chris Reeves and mascot ‘Floss’ visited local childcare centres to introduce young ones to the idea of regular dentist visits and maintaining healthy teeth.

The kids listened eagerly to a short presentation by Dr Reeves explaining how to brush their teeth properly, what bad ‘bugs’ and germs are and the right food to be eating to protect teeth from them. 

This is the second year Dr Reeves has run this workshop in Oakey, however he has many more years of experience running the workshops in Dalby.

“We ran these workshops annually for five years when we were at our Dalby practice and  have done two rounds since we moved to our Oakey practice,” he said.

“It’s a good way to familiarise kids with the dentist before they have to come into the office.

“We don’t want them to perceive a dentist office as scary territory, so I come out each year and meet them in this environment first.”

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