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16 July, 2021

Frost no deterrent for motorcyclists

The Historical Motor-cycle Club of Queensland (HMC CQ) Warwick Area’s event Frostbite Rally had a more than appropriate name this year as dozens of riders from around Queensland braved the chilly conditions and wet roads for a much-enjoyed weekend at Allora Showgrounds.

A group of riders who came from the Gold Coast for the weekend.

HMCCQ members and visitors were pleased to be back in Allora for the Frostbite Rally after missing out last year after the event was cancelled because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Riders arrived in Allora from 10 a.m. on Saturday and went on a mystery ride in the afternoon, which provided them with an opportunity to take in the countryside of the Darling Downs without the pressure of being in a rally.

On Saturday night, a dinner was held at the Allora Showgrounds which included 126 participants.

Despite the cold and foggy conditions on Sunday morning, 89 motorbikes competed in the rally, although quite a few had to come back on trailers.

The rally is a race where competitors follow a pre-determined course and aim to return back to the starting point at a specific time that is unknown to them.

As riders leave at different times and there are short and long courses to choose from, target times varied.

The route that some riders took saw them go past Clifton, where a few happened to be roadside breath tested by police.

Phil Wagner, the Stunt Co-ordinator, helped to determine the routes and target times.

Mr Wagner said the target times considered a number of factors such as distance and an average speed of 80 km/h.

Mr Wagner was especially impressed by the performance of Peter Bartley, who arrived at the exact time he was meant to.

Mr Bartley therefore won his category, which is based on the age of his bike.

Ellen Carruthers, Treasurer of HMCCQ Warwick Area, said the weekend went very well.

“Apart from the rain on Friday that put a bit of a dampener on things, we had a great time,” Mrs Carruthers said.

“The catering by the Show Society was wonderful.”

Mrs Carruthers said the winners of each rally category each won a mug for a trophy, providing them with something practical to use.

The Frostbite Rally was first held in 1992 at Leslie Dam near Warwick before moving to the Allora Showgrounds a few years later.

The genesis of the idea came from the Frostbite Regatta held by Warwick Sailing Club.

The 89 participants in the rally on Sunday was slightly more than the l87 who participated in the last event in 2019 and a few less than the record amount of 94 in 2016.

HMCCQ, formed in September 1970, is an enthusiasts’ club with more than 1300 members who take pride in keeping motorcycles 30 years and older on the road.

There are 15 regional branches across Queens-land, including Warwick and Toowoomba, and a sub-committee focused on the Indian Marque.

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