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11 March, 2022

Glengallan To Light Up Again

Thanks to Southern Downs Regional Council’s Drought Recovery Fund and a $3500 grant, the Glengallan team has been able to repair drought damage and plant many new flowers, bushes and vines to get the gardens on the way back to looking their finest. Staff and volunteers have been putting in long hours, replanting, weeding, spray and redesigning garden features.

Three old floodlights that once lit Glengallan’s historic façade have been replaced with new energy-saving LED lights so that Glengallan can light up every night, for passing traffic to see from kilometres away. It’s been years since the local heritage icon has been lit up at night so should create a lot of interest.

Centrepiece, the parterre, is getting an almighty makeover, complete with a coloured stone rendition of the cross of St Andrew, a distinct nod to Glengallan’s Scottish links.

Dozens of the original species of roses that once adorned the gardens of Glengallan have been replanted; Iceberg and Duet roses and Bloomfield Abundance. 

Paths and driveways are being resurfaced and life-giving mulch laid to ensure the grounds and gardens of the historic homestead continue to delight and fascinate travellers and tourists alike.

It’s a wonderful time to visit Glengallan Homestead, not only to see the progression of works in the gardens, but also to reacquaint with the grand old homestead and her secrets.

The project “Revitalising Glengallan’s Heritage Gardens” received funding from the Australian Government and support from Southern Downs Regional Council.

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