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2 November, 2022

‘Happy to have a look’

Many residents, businesses and organisations around town have been taking advantage of the bespoke services offered by the Oakey Men’s Shed, who take on all sorts of requests.

Oakey Men’s Shed members at their 1 Cory Street premises, from left: Chris Gorton, Arthur Wingett, Darren Mulder, Lex Hudson, Graeme Garvis, John Greenhalgh and Steve Clark.

Utilising the collective talents of the members, over the past few years the Oakey Men’s Shed has taken a wide  variety of requests under consideration.

Just last week, they finished restoring an antique Singer sewing machine.

Other jobs have included gates, bookshelves, benches, tables, bird houses, wells, rocking horses and even a wooden box for wooden rings.

The Shed charges customers an honest price for their handiwork.

Once costs for materials are subtracted from the total, all remaining proceeds go towards the upkeep and betterment of the group.

Club member Steve Clark was one of three involved with restoring the Singer.

He said the customer, Joanne Davis, was “very happy” with the end result, which took 20 man-hours to complete between himself Lex Hudson and president John Greenhalgh.

Mr Clark said the club is happy to have a look at whatever people think they could assist with.

Since the start of the year, they have taken on 38 fully-fledged jobs.

They also assist with minor jobs, such a sawing a piece of timber.

Some members have professional backgrounds, some long-lasting hobbies and others have learned new skills since joining the group.

Mr Clark said the group relies on jobs to pay for their rent, utilities and other overheads.

John Greenhalgh said the Men’s Shed was commissioned to build a wooden seat for the aged care residents at the Oakey Hospital precinct, with the cost of materials raised through local businesses.

A lady who saw the finished seat was impressed and wanted her own.

Then a gentleman who went to the shed to pick up a table he had made, saw the seat being made for the lady and decided he too wanted one of his own.

Other projects around town include a seat at the railway station and a library box at Foodworks.

Foodworks liked the job the Men’s Shed did so much they requested another to built for the Foodworks store in Harlaxton.

On top of the wish list at the moment, and something the members have been actively working towards, securing better premises where they can have separate work and rest areas.

Mr Greenhalgh said the Oakey Men’s Shed currently has 13 members, still down on their pre-Covid levels.

Anyone interested in having the Oakey Men’s Shed help them with a project, or those interested in joining the group, can either contact the Oakey Men’s Shed on Facebook or call president John Greenhalgh on 0487 352 146.

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