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16 February, 2022

John’s a man on a mission

Wyreema resident John Andrew has been a supporter of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for as long as he can remember, and at 92 years of age, he’s still waving the flag on behalf of the organisation.

John Andrew’s car carries a clear message for girls who want a partner for life.

Mr Andrew was a constant visitor to what used to be known as the “blood bank” when he was younger.

Since he became too old to give blood he has not lost his enthusiasm for the work of the Red Cross Blood Service.

He bought his current car in 2014 and soon had it covered in messages urging people to become regular blood donors.

Slogans such as “Girls, Marry a Blood Donor. He is here for Life” and “Men. Donate blood and outlive your wife” have attracted attention as he drives around the Wyreema and Cambooya districts.

Mr Andrew’s biggest concern is the fact that men are very hesitant when it comes to giving blood.

He said more women give blood than do men and he would like to see that change.

To give blood, you need to be aged between 18 and 70 years and weigh more than 50 kilograms.

You also need to be healthy and not suffering from a cold, flu, any symptoms of Covid, or any other illness at the time of making your donation.

You can safely give blood every twelve weeks.

Currently  only  one  in thirty Australians give blood, although one in three will need blood during their lifetime.

The nearest branch of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is the Toowoomba Donor Centre at 661 Ruthven Street in Toowoomba.

It is open seven days a week including most public holidays, the exceptions generally being Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

It opens at 7am on
several days each week and is open as late as 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You can call 13 14 95 to book an appointment.

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