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10 August, 2022

Jondaryan’s fourth generation families

Jondaryan State School has seen multiple generations of families pass through its gates in its 150-year history and in some cases, four generations have attended including members of the Evans, Grundy, Matthews and Chicken families.

While the teaching methods and technology have changed over the years, students have continued to carry the school’s motto “Strive for the Best” with them throughout their lives. 

Gail Hannam (nee Grundy) was the first generation of the Grundy family to attend the school. 

She was there from 1954 to 1959 and reflects on her earliest memories of her school life: 

“What always comes to mind are the few weeks at the end of 1953 when I went to school on the bus with the Ward children,” she said.

“I had been a Correspondence School student for three years and didn’t know what a Head Master was! 

“I was scared of Mr Weber when he fired questions at me on my first day.”

Her nephew Russell Grundy attended from 1970 to 1975 and one of his earliest memories of school life is the centenary celebrations in 1972. 

For Russell, the friendships and core values he formed at Jondaryan have continued throughout his life. 

Reflecting on the newer generations, Russell said he feels the pace and pressure has increased. 

“I’m impressed how students after me have managed this by taking it all in their stride as they adapt to modern technologies with ease,” he said.

Anita Polzin (nee Grundy) was a pupil from 1993 to 2000 and enjoyed her schooling experience so much that she can remember “waiting for school holidays to end so I could return to the classroom”. 

It is perhaps one of the reasons why Anita became a teacher and she has taught as a supply teacher at the school in recent years. 

Anita said she was horrified yet impressed by how the teachers taught a class of 40-plus students in the poor conditions in early 1900s.

“Another change has been the introduction of technology and how reliant we are on using technology, and interactive whiteboards in our teaching,” she said. 

Anita’s son, Miles Polzin, is the fourth-generation of the family to attend Jondaryan, commencing school in 2021. 

Miles likes the school’s nice gardens, great outdoor spaces and play equipment. 

An added bonus that has helped him settle in has been having his Oma, Cora Grundy, working at the school. 

“It is very special to know that my Pa and Mum have attended this school and now I can celebrate this with my family and class friends,” he said. 

The family reflected on the highs and lows of their schooling years in the lead up to the 150th celebrations and feel the school’s motto is a “good mantra for life”. 

“It’s nice to know you were just a small part of an enduring legacy—a special time in the life of a historical community,” Gail said. 

- Anita Polzin, Jondaryan State School P&C Secretary

This article has been reproduced from an excerpt from ‘Beyond the School Gate: Jondaryan State School 1872 - 2022’

A celebration of Jondaryan State School’s 150th anniversary will take place on September 3rd.

For enquiries on the celebration call Anita Polzin on 0429 856 123, Allison Cooke on 0427 470 134; or email or

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