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14 June, 2023

Latvian World War II survivor celebrates 100th birthday

After fleeing from war-torn Latvia at the end of the Second World War and settling in Australia as a young man in his twenties, Phillip Morris (Arvids Moriss) looked back upon his long life last week as he celebrated his 100th birthday, in the Clifton Nursing Home.

Staff at Clifton Nursing Home celebrates the 100th birthday of Phillip Morris, born Arvids Moriss, with him.

Phillip worked for many years in Melbourne as a chef and can still recall vividly the day Bob Hawke came to the opening of the Edelweiss restaurant where he worked.

Born in 1923 when Latvia had achieved independence from Russia and was experiencing a period of surging nationalism until World War II when both the Soviet Union and Germany occupied Latvia, young Phillip was quick to escape a nation crippled by genocide and destruction.

In Australia he joined many other Europeans searching for a better life in a young country that had escaped much of the physical destruction of the war.

During his life Phillip has experienced massive social, economic and technological changes.

He deserves to spend his 100th birthday in peace and harmony. 

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