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1 October, 2021

Local volunteer retires after years of service

After eight years quietly operating in the background of the Oakey community, resident Dave Schilder has hung up his hat as the Oakey Community Bus volunteer driver with many grateful locals thanking the volunteer for providing a reliable and much needed service to the township.

Oakey resident Dave Schilder who has just retired from his role as the Oakey Community Bus volunteer driver.

Operating since 2013, the Oakey Community Bus has provided an affordable transport option for local residents needing to attend health appointments and do specialised shopping in Toowoomba.

For over eight years as the volunteer driver, Mr Schilder transported a small group of Oakey and Kingsthorpe residents into Toowoomba and back on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Rarely missing a day except for holidays and a short Christmas break, Mr Schilder is by far the longest serving volunteer driver in Oakey.

He said he has enjoyed his time in the role.

“They’ll all very grateful for the service,” he said.

“You get to know people in the community and you make friends with people over time.

“I’ve had quiet a few regulars over the years, the last passenger I dropped off has been a regular for just about the entire time.”

With experience as a bus driver and diesel mechanic, Mr Schilder was an ideal candidate for the role.

“I had the ability and the qualifications to do it. So I said, okay I can do it,” he said.

“It’s been good. I’ve only had two flat tyres in the eight and a half years.”

Mr Schilder thanked Aussie Helpers for continuing to support the bus service by paying for the fuel and servicing.


Mr Schilder’s retirement now leaves a gap in the service with no permanent  volunteer driver to step into his role.

Thanks to interim measures the bus will continue to transport people into town but more ongoing volunteers are needed.

The bus seats 12 passengers and prospective drivers only require a car licence, medical check and blue card to apply. 

The service currently runs from 8.30am Tuesday and Friday from Oakey locations, through Kingsthorpe and into Toowoomba.

It returns to the local Railway Station at 2.30pm.

To enquire about the role call 0429 067 846.

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