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11 February, 2022

Locals wanting to preserve Stark’s Trough

Stark’s Trough is an important part of Allora’s history and well worth preserving. George and Kerry Smith from Drayton House are co-ordinating the project with completion due by Easter. At the meeting in Dalrymple Park last week interesting ideas were thrown around.

L-R Sandra Harrop, Paul Stark, Flora Sparksman, John Sparksman, George Smith, Don Crawford, Kerry Smith and Jackie Gallagher.

An urgent job that needs to be undertaken is for a support block placed underneath the middle of the huge log.

 To preserve the log a natural substance could be used. Two new plaques are on the agenda with possible safety barriers erected. 

George is hoping to contact Tree Specialists who can supplying information such as age of tree, history and when felled etc. The Stark family is happy to donate to the project. 

 Within the next couple of weeks ideas from the community would be most welcome before the next meeting at the end of February. 

Contact George or Kerry at Drayton House. A working bee will be conducted on Saturday 19 February early from 7am to remove the soil and debris from the Trough. Any help would be appreciated - just bring along hand tools and bucket.

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