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24 January, 2024

Mahjong players wanted

Mahjong, a table game which is based on using tiles and has been popular in Asia since the 1800s is now becoming increasingly, popular in Australia and unbeknown to many, Clifton has its own group of regular players but they are looking for more.

Jackie Doyle, Louise Skidmore and Patricia Riddell enjoying a Friday session of Mahjong. Both Jackie and Louise were taught how to play Mahjong by Patrica.

In rooms all around Australia on any given day small groups of devoted Mahjong players test their skills while enjoying the benefits of social interaction with other players.

Mahjong is a game that requires both luck and skill. 

The initial dealing of tiles and the drawing of new tiles involve luck, but skillful players can use strategy, memory, and calculation to improve their chances of winning.

Playing games like Mahjong and Sudoku can help you to improve your brain function to the point that you might end up avoiding dementia. 

You can keep your brain active and enhance your vocabulary by doing crossword puzzles and you can increase your patience and concentration by playing all of these games.

On the Darling Downs there are already at least two regular Mahjong groups playing weekly.

In Greenmount the Post Office café is the venue for Thursday play between 9am and midday.

In Clifton the location is 100 Clark Street and play begins at 9.30am and continues till 4pm but players can leave whenever it suits.

Both groups would like more players and beginners are welcome to come and learn this fascinating game.

All ages and both men and women are invited to join in the social interaction while learning the skills of a unique game where participation is free.

Plans are underway to establish Mahjong groups at Leyburn, Pilton, Cambooya and Allora with the ultimate aim of holding competitions between the various Darling Downs Mahjong groups.

For further information, phone Patricia Riddell on 0493 368 533.

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