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24 August, 2022

Maximising community facilities

Thanks to a grant from the RACQ Foundation, the Felton Hall Association is the proud new owner of a Rover RZ 46” ride on mower, the Hall’s lawn now looking better than ever before.

Hall Secretary Ian Whan has been making the most of Felton Hall’s new mower.

Hall Secretary Ian Whan said the grant from the RACQ Foundation secured the purchase of the $6,5000 mower from B&B Machinery.

Mr Whan said the RACQ Foundation had been looking for ways to provide a community-wide benefit to farming precincts that have suffered hardship over the past 5 yo 6 years.

“Strengthening community infrastructure, in this case the Felton Hall facility, was judged to be an effective way of distributing benefit across a relatively large number of households,” he said.

According to Mr Whan, a large array of government agencies, corporations and charitable foundations make grant funds available to not-for-profit organisations that are run by volunteers and generate community-wide benefits.

But to win a grant, an organisation must prove its eligibility then argue the merits of its claim for funding.

The application must nominate a ‘project’ for which funds are being sought, it must establish a need for the project, it must specify who will benefit, it must provide competitive quotes and also nominate a referee to support the project.

The application was boosted by the support of Cr Megan O’Hara Sullivan as a referee.

Mr Whan said the mower has had a good workout already.

He is very impressed with its speed, as the job of mowing the hall’s grounds which used to take him hours can now be completed in less than one hour.

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