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1 September, 2021

More shooting, less searching

A grant from Clifton Op Shop has provided Clifton Benchrest Shooting Club with a concrete apron, giving shooters more time to hone their craft rather than trying to find their spent shells in the grass.

The concrete apron at the Benchrest Shooting Club.

The grant of $4,100 fully covered the cost of cementing the area directly in front of the firing lane.

Gordon Turner, the person responsible for organising the grant on behalf of Clifton Benchrest Shooting Club, said the club is “really grateful” for the funds.

“It makes life a lot easier by making it easier to collect spent shells,” Mr Turner said.

“It’s so hard to pick up shells in the grass, especially for older members.

“It also makes things neat and tidy.”

Mr Turner said he is extremely grateful towards the Clifton Op Shop for the grants it gives to the community in general.

He said he was also pleased that because it was a local grant the club could engage a local contractor to do the work, Sam Glasheen of The View Landscaping and Stonelaying.

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