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15 December, 2022

Netflix filming comes to Downs

Jandowae is the beneficiary of Trent Dalton's 1980s-era TV series Boy Swallows Universe.

ABOVE: The Exchange Hotel in Oakey underwent an 80s makeover for the filming of Boy Swallows Universe.

When you think of Brisbane  in the 1980s, you probably wouldn't think of the rural Western Downs.

Yet, that's exactly where Netflix has chosen to shoot several scenes of its upcoming series Boy Swallows Universe, based on the book by renowed  author Trent Dalton.

Set in 1980s suburban Brisbane, filming has been taking place this week locations across the Western Downs, including Jandowae.

The Exchange Hotel was one of those locations, with  pub owner Red Clark  saying the entire main street was shut down on Monday last week.

"The whole crew  was here, and everyone had a real good time.

"They filmed in our bottle shop, they filmed in the pharmacy which they did up as a chocolate shop," she said. 

"We had people come up the week before to set up, people stayed the day before.

The idea behind the filming was to go to a place which still had a 1980s feel to it. Our main street is still quite old," she said. 

Clint from Nelson Family Meats said the filming day had brought the town alive, with people from around townbeing brought in to work as extras

"They had all sorts of retro cars, they brought out a canary yellow Falcon Station wagon, a VB Commodore and a Toyota Corolla," he said.

"There's a real buzz around town."

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