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15 March, 2023

New school plans maximise space

The plans released by Toowoomba Catholic Schools for its new school at Westbrook, St Francis Catholic College, show how the school will occupy the near-ten hectare site.

Stage 5, expected to be completed by 2035, makes the most of the 10 hectare site. The new road, Clare Drive, will be to the left of the school, Shoesmith Road to the bottom and Boundary Street South to the right.

The school will be built in stages, with initial enrolments beginning in 2026 and stage 5 planned to be completed by 2035, by when the total student capacity for the school will be 1,467.

To provide feedback on the school and view its Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) application, visit here.

Submissions close this Friday, 16 March.

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