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17 March, 2022

Nobby having a say on recreation grounds future

Following the meeting held recently to decide the future of Nobby Recreation Ground, attendees decided to distribute a survey around town to gather opinions.

The existing tennis courts on the premises are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

There was heavy rainfall and flooding on the day the meeting was held.

President of the Nobby Cricket and Recreation Club Inc. Noel Pauli, who has been involved in organising the meetings along with Mick Comerford and a few others, said the survey is being conducted door-to-door.

“We’re looking for support or indication about what people want,” Mr Pauli said.

“It’s the first step towards what we need to do.”

Mr Pauli said he would like to see the grounds stay in the community, however the community needs to help out to make this possible.

“You need support on the financial side and with the mowing and general maintenance. It’s nine acres,” he said.

Four questions comprise the survey, asking Nobby residents if they want the recreation ground to remain in community hands, if they are prepared to help, how they will help and how they would like to see the grounds used.

In addition to the door-knocking, the survey were also available at a few places around town including Nobby Store and in the Nobby State School newsletter.

Mr Pauli said he planned to invite Dominic Doyle from Toowoomba Regional Council, who has been involved in the discussion thus far, to the meeting.

Mr Doyle was among the many unable to make it to the last meeting due to the weather.

Among the suggestions offered regarding how the grounds could be reimagined  include building tennis courts, a basketball court and a skate park.

Trisha Wallen, Louise Kennedy and Kath Warner have been involved with distributing the survey.

The next meeting will discuss the results of the survey.

It will be held at 7pm tonight (Thursday, 17 March) at Nobby School of Arts Hall.

Whatever conclusions are reached are sure to have people talking.

All interested persons are welcome to attend.

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