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25 October, 2021

Oakey Rainbow Staircase project a step closer

The plan to transform the Oakey Railway Station overpass steps into a rainbow staircase and a focal point for the township is moving foward with Queensland Rail and several community organisations in favour of the project.

Oakey resident Ellisa Parker (left) is moving forward with a plan to turn the Oakey Railway Station overpass stairs into a tourist attraction. She is pictured with Toowoomba Region Councillor Melissa Taylor (right) who showed her support for the project.

Project founder, Oakey resident Ellisa Parker said she came up with the idea several years ago but only seriously worked towards making it a reality this year.

“I first came up with this concept in 2013 and this year I decided to get the ball rolling,” Ms Parker  said.

She said the plans for the local design are based on Rainbow Staircases in Miami at Gold Coast and Rainbow Beach.

Ms Parker said in addition to creating a beautiful work of art and tourist attraction for Oakey, the project will be a symbol of inclusion, fairness and human rights for all people.

“Rainbows are a symbol of hope in many cultures and faiths,” she said.

“It will create a lively vibe in the CBD, it creates colour, fun and a child-like innocence and it has the potential to become a tourist attraction.

“A rainbow staircase can foster and promote diversity and inclusion within the rainbow community.” 

Ms Parker said she has contacted Queensland Rail which is positive about the project and has completed a safety assessment to ensure all residents can use the facility.

“The infrastructure is owned by Queensland Rail so everything we do has to be with the approval of Queensland Rail,” she said.

“The stage that we are at with the planning is that Queensland Rail has said
go and get a safety assessment of what we are doing to make sure it complies with the Australian standards.”

Ms Parker said the staircase will also need materials to ensure it is non-slip.

She said the next step is to apply for grants to undertake the project with several incorporated groups already offering to be the lead organisation for grant applications.

Ms Parker said with the coordination and installation costs, she anticipates that the project will cost about $8,000.

She said she is open to further design suggestions and ideas.

To get involved in the Oakey Rainbow Staircase project contact Ms Parker on, call 0449 921 881 or head to the ‘Oakey Rainbow Staircase’ Facebook page. 

Residents can also sign a petition to further support the project by going to:

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