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11 January, 2023

'Over it' after seventh break in at business

Local business owner Ashley Naumann says he’s been forced to put in his toughest security measures yet after repeated break-ins at his Grevillea Street electrical business.

Three particularly destructive and costly break-in at Naumann Electrical Contractors in recent weeks brought the tally to seven in 10 months. 

Mr Naumann said offenders used a ute stolen from Brookstead to ram through a fence at the business on December 8. 

Early on New Year’s Day offenders cut locks at a neighbouring commercial property to gain access then used his forklift to load his own ute with electrical cabling. 

Another stolen vehicle was used for a break-in on January 3. 

Mr Naumann said his security cameras caught the New Year’s Eve activity and police attended within 15 minutes, as the four offenders sped  off with their haul. 

The ute was recovered later at Mt Tyson and some of the stolen items were recovered  but Mr Naumann estimated he was out of pocket by about $12,000.  

He said he didn’t usually have large amounts of cabling in the shed but rain had delayed the wiring of a house just before Christmas so there was more there than usual.

“I just feel sick, and I’m over it,” he said. 

“We’ve had seven break-ins in 10 months.”

Mr Naumann has ramped up security measures - including adding concrete barriers along fences, installing even more night lighting and security cameras, along with heavy duty locks, while also working closely with local police. 

“The police have been awesome, “ he said. 

Mr Naumann believed any businesses buying scrap copper wire should also be required to ask for proof of ownership from anyone wanting to sell it.

Sgt. Tim Hoffman said continual break-ins were a costly inconvenience for businesses. 

“It’s a shame that businesses have got to go to these lengths to secure their premises however with offenders being more mobile than  ever before, we are continually susceptible to these types of break-ins,” Sgt. Hoffman said. 

In separate incidents, a number of vehicles were broken into on Saturday night in the northern part of Pittsworth in what appear to be opportunistic thefts where offenders have located vehicles that were unlocked. 

“I would encourage everyone to ensure their vehicle is secured even if it is being left for only a short time,” Sgt. Hoffman said.   

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