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21 July, 2022

Petition to keep buildings at the Jondaryan Woolshed

Oakey man Douglas Doelle has started a petition demanding that the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) does not relocate any of the buildings on the Jondaryan Woolshed site to Highfields, with Council stating no decisions have been made yet.

Mr Doelle said this petition is about getting answers and making sure that TRC is being transparent. 

“Highfields get everything,” he said.

“And these buildings were donated to the people of Jondaryan.

“You can’t just take them away.

The petition to Council includes two demands:

1. Stop the Toowoomba Regional Council from moving any buildings or items from the display of the Jondaryan Woolshed site to Highfields or any other location outside of Jondaryan.

2. Additionally, we want the Jondaryan Woodshed open before Christmas 2022. If there’s any safety issues with any of the buildings, surely they can be fenced off.

Mr Doelle said he became aware of the Council’s plan after speaking with Deputy Mayor Geoff McDonald at the Kingsthorpe Councillor Visit last month. 

“I asked him about it and his only answer was that two of the buildings didn’t suit the Jondaryan Woolshed display and that nothing had been finalised yet.

“It’s not fair for the buildings and parts of the display to be taken away from them and given to the Highfields community.

Mr Doelle said the second demand will ensure tourism and money is brought back to the town. 

“The Woolshed brings a lot of tourism to the town and local area and I’ve spoken to people recently who have driven from Brisbane trying to see it, but it’s closed.

“Also the local community should be able to go back and visit the site.

“We visited for that morning tea, so why can’t we go back?

TRC Environment and Community Committee Chair Cr James O’Shea said the Council is committed to re-opening the facility in the near future and that no decision has been made to move any displays at this point in time. 

“Toowoomba Regional Council, in conjunction with the Friends of the Jondaryan Woolshed and other key stakeholders, is developing an appropriate operating model for the woolshed into the future,” he said.

“There is still work to be done in determining what the reopening looks like for visitors and the community.

“No decisions have been made to move any displays at this point in time.

“While TRC intends to review the myriad of displays at the woolshed, the priority to this point has been on the operating model with a full and comprehensive review of displays yet to be undertaken.“

Friends of Jondaryan Woolshed Secretary Graham Turner said the group has not been part of any discussion regarding moving any of the buildings. 

“It has never been considered that any buildings were to be shifted nor ever mentioned in any discussions within this process,” he said.

“Also I would doubt the economic rationale behind shifting buildings, given the cost of shifting and relocation.

“The steering committee is also working towards the progressive reopening of the site and there has been a lot of volunteer and often unrecognised work done well before January 2022 striving to realise the full re-opening of Woolshed site.”

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