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25 October, 2021

Pilton students win big in hermitage competition

Students from Pilton State School have taken home, both as a school and individually, multiple awards from the Queensland Government’s Hermitage Schools Plant Science Competition, including the top art prize of ‘Most Outstanding School.’

Students anxiously watch on as Minister Furner announces the winners.


  • Year P-1 class - Crawford Fund International Agricultural Science Award for Years P-2
  • Year P-1 class - Overall Class 1st Prize
  • Year 3-6 - Overall Class 2nd Prize


  • Hayley - Winner of Prep
  • Zachary - Highly Commended for Prep
  • Jesse - Winner of Year 1
  • Millie - Highly Commended for Year 1
  • Flynn - Winner of Year 3
  • Olivia - Highly Commended for Year 3
  • Ryleigh - Winner for Year 5
  • Rachael - Highly Commended for Year 5
  • Madhava - Winner of Year 6
  • May - Highly Commended for Year 6


  • Jesse for Years P-2
  • May for Years 3-6


  • Rachael - Highly Commended
  • Piper - Highly Commended
  • Hayley - Highly Commended

This year’s theme was ‘Grow it, Taste it, Don’t waste it.’

Students conducted a food spoilage experiment and a plant science project comparing traditional methods of agriculture with aquaponics.

They also submitted artwork creating a new fruit and created a presentation on food wastage.  

The awards day live-streamed to schools across Queensland last Tuesday.

The competition attracted more than 3,600 Prep to Year 12 students from 130 schools nationwide.

Acting Principal Amber Ryan said a great deal of effort had been put into this competition.

“It was wonderful to celebrate students’ well deserved success,” she said.

Cambooya State School received an Encouragement Prize for Year 3-6.

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner congratulated prize-winning students from nine Queensland schools in a virtual awards ceremony for the State Government’s annual Hermitage Schools Plant Science Competition.

“The impressive science and art entries in this year’s competition give us great hope for the future of science and agriculture”, Mr Furner said.

“It’s great to see young scientists applying them-selves to learn about plant science and food technology and how this applies to developing better and tastier fresh produce that we enjoy as part of a healthy diet.”

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