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9 June, 2023

Pittsworth to Pittsburgh in a loaded little Cessna

If you're feeling a little bored with the same old this week, here's a story to stir the adventure in us all - about a chap who departed our region last week in a little plane for an island-hopping trip home to the United States.

Ross Edmondson had spent the night at Irongate, at one of Queensland's most unique accommodation options, Fig Tree Country Retreat, where visitors can make use to the airstrip f they have a plane handy. Which Ross did. 

His interest had been piqued when he heard about the retreat Ken Edwards and Ruth Ashburner-Gorse have established, so he managed to slot in a visit before departing for New Caledonia last Friday. 

He'll be island hopping across the Pacific all the way home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the US. 

To achieve the last big stretch of his homeward flight, from Hawaii to California, every spare bit of space in his little single engine Cessna 182 will be loaded with field. That includes the wings and the space behind him where he's removed the two passenger seats to fit in another tank. That 4000km stretch will take about 17 hours. 

But let's go back to the beginning of this story, to May 2019, when English-born Ross departed his home in Pennsylvania for a round-the-world trip that he figured would take about a year. 

See the whole story and more pictures in the print edition of The Pittsworth Sentinel, June 8, 2023.    

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