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9 March, 2022

Pittsworth World Day of Prayer service

The 95th annual World Day of Prayer, which is universally celebrated on the first Friday of March, was recognised in Pittsworth Friday 4th March.

The World Day of Prayer was celebrated in Pittsworth on Friday, March 4th, at St Stephen's Catholic Church.

The celebrations include the hosting of a church service which is written by women in a chosen country.

This year, Pittsworth residents gathered at St Stephen’s Catholic Church to join in a service which focused on praying for the needs of women in three parts of the United Kingdom within the group of islands known as the British Isles - England, Wales and Northern Island. 

They reflected on the theme ‘I know the plans I have for you’, which stems from a verse in the book of Jeremiah, and admired this year’s featured piece of art which followed the theme and depicted a number of key words, including freedom, justice, God’s peace and forgiveness and overall. 

The service rotates between the local churches each year. 

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