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29 March, 2023

Redevelopment of Oakey town centre

A collaborative project between Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC), the Oakey Chamber of Commerce and New Hope Group will see the Oakey Town Centre redeveloped.

An artist’s impression of the entrance to the Oakey town centre, viewed from the intersection of Bridge and Campbell Streets.

Campbell Street will have a new streetscape by the end of June thanks to the combined efforts of the three local stakeholders.

New flower beds, trees, seating and heritage signing are at the centre of the town’s regeneration. 

Residents will be encouraged not to cross the road when parking in the middle of Campbell Street, but instead head to the pedestrian crossing first.

TRC Portfolio Leader for Community and Environment Councillor Tim McMahon oversaw
the development of the project. 

“The Oakey community’s been asking for this for a while,” he said.

“Every time I’m out there, I get asked questions about the main street.

“It took a while to get the budget and logistics sorted, but we are getting things delivered now.

Getting ahead of one potential point of criticism, he notes that one garden bed will be sparsely populated.

“The northern garden bed will look like a very plain garden bed due to height restrictions,” he said.

Cr McMahon says he was happy to see a relatively high  level of community engagement on the project. 

“There were three community consultations, the first and the third of which were well attended.”

“I think it’s really important to acknowledge New Hope Group and the Oakey Chamber of Commerce.”

At the moment, it’s hoped the project can be completed by the end of June. 

“It’s a 2023 Capital project so it should be delivered by the end of the financial year if factors like weather don’t hold up other projects,” Cr McMahon said.

“I can’t give a definite date, but that’s when I’d like to see things happen.”

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