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23 November, 2022

Research work of Naomi Simpson published

Past student of Clifton State High School, and currently an undergraduate at the University of Queensland, Naomi Simpson, has had her passion for military history rewarded with the publication of her research regarding the role of Solomon Islanders in World War II in the Queensland Journal of Military History.

Naomi Simpson at Parliament House, proudly displaying a copy of the journal in which her article was published.

Naomi has just completed her Arts and Social Science degree and hopes to do honours next year with the long term goal of gaining employment as a research worker.

The title of her published work, “The Solomons at War: Impacts and Legacies” examines the role of Solomon Islanders in the Coast Watchers network established by the Royal Australian Navy during World War II.

Her research highlights the close cooperation of Solomon Islanders with the Allies in reporting Japanese ship movements during the Solomons campaign.

Given the recent importance of maintaining our close relationship with the Solomons Islands, Naomi’s work is timely.

Naomi’s passion for military research was evident when, as a student at Clifton State High School, she helped in the research for the  school’s highly regarded publication of teacher Margaret Miller: ”Re-discovering Our World War I Anzacs - Clifton & District”.

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