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24 March, 2022

Running out of room

As the group reaches 50 members, the current space occupied by Clifton Dabblers - the old fire station on King Street - is becoming too small for the wide array of arts and crafts in which the many members dabble.

From left: Cr Bill Cahill, Cynthia Conway (Dabblers Publicity Officer), Cr Nancy Sommerfield and Jan Wilson (Dabblers President).

Although the blossoming membership figures are a good thing, the Dabblers leadership team has now had to concert its efforts towards finding a new space to occupy.

Towards that goal, the leaders had discussions with Toowoomba Region councillors Bill Cahill and Nancy Sommerfield during a visit recently.

Dabblers Publicity Officer and 2022 Australia Day Clifton Citizen of the Year Cynthia Conway said the craft group is hopeful that Toowoomba Regional Council may be able to find premises that will complement the present Den or a building that will enable the group to extend its range of art/craftiness.

“We all have an art or craft inside us, it just takes a while to find it,” Mrs Conway said.

“They liked our presentation – I think the scones may have had a hand in it.  

“But it seems they liked the way we did not song and dance about wanting more space.  

“We stated the facts, what we have been doing for the community – children’s workshops during school holidays; participation and encouragement to those with a disability, every square inch of the building is in use, the Art in the Park Expo on 5th November this year, our recycling efforts.”

A potential solution that the Dabblers have come up with is using the SES building.

Mrs Conway said the Councillors were shown this possibility and showed interest.

The Dabblers await information from them about this proposal.

Mrs Conway also said she would like to let people know about a big event on the horizon for the Clifton Dabblers.

“On November 5th, Dabblers hope to have an Art and Craft Expo in the Park,” she said.

“Mark the calendar.  

“This Expo will show you how YOU can do a hobby you always wanted to try but have kept putting it off.  

“This is your big chance.”

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