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12 November, 2021

School Reunion Enjoyed By All Attendees

The Year Ten alumni of 1970 and 1971 were transported back fifty years and over when they reunited at the Allora State School on Saturday 23 October.

Pat Cavanagh, Sue Wilkinson, Jeff Bell, Janet Forbes (Kirkland), Andrew Gilmore, Jane Yorkston(Irving), Kay Webber (Agnew), Lesley Hodges (Bradfield), John Gartner, Ann Bowman (Hall), John Hoey, Ron Jones, Joanne Otto (Ellwood), Ross Hall, Paul Nunn, Pauline Rodda (Nolan), Michael Marshall, Gary Fisher - Graduating Class of 1971

Unable to celebrate their 50th anniversary last year because of Covid, the 1970 class joined with the 1971 class to commemorate the graduation of Year Ten from the Allora Secondary Department. 

Unfortunately, some interstate students were unable to attend, but their stories and photos were shared and displayed.

The students gathered in the Performing Arts Complex where photos, displays, personal profiles and memorabilia were exhibited. Shaun Kanowski, the Principal of Allora P-10 State School, welcomed everyone to the school and reintroduced ‘the cane’ to some of the boys, who remembered it well. 

Pat Cavanagh from the 1971 class acknowledged different class groups and also those students from the surrounding smaller schools who all travelled by bus every day to attend Allora State School.

A walk around the school visiting old and new buildings inspired many past students to remember events that had been long forgotten, and their voices and laughter echoed around the school and inside classrooms. Many were impressed with the number of new buildings and the removal of old classrooms but were still excited to recognise many parts of the school that had been there for over 100 years. 

The walk culminated in the new Home Economics building where afternoon tea was attractively set out and the two specially decorated 50th Celebration cakes were cut, and photos taken.

Everyone then proceeded across the road to the Allora Sports Club where people continued to socialise over a barbecue dinner and drinks, organised by John and Wendy Ellwood. John said the crowd was one of the best behaved and quietest reunion groups they had hosted this year, attributing it to the age of the guests.

Joanne Otto (Ellwood) and Jill Weychardt (Cantwell) the organisers of the Reunion were exceptionally pleased with the success of the day and thrilled that so many past students had attended. Many students said they had wonderful years growing up in Allora and were always looking for an excuse to return. Reconnecting with old classmates have prompted many people to organise informal get-togethers for next year.

Joanne acknowledged Barbara Reedman the Administrative Assistant at the school who provided items and information for the displays. Shaun Kanowski supported the Reunion by organising the hall, classrooms, setting up afternoon tea and giving up his Saturday to ensure we had a successful day. Everyone appreciated his assistance and support and he enjoyed showcasing his school.

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