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12 April, 2023

Sneak peek into a garden open this weekend for Showcasing Pittsworth

Lyn Bass loves her trees and they form the focal point of the large Pittsworth garden she and her late husband Geoff developed over more than 50 years.

Lyn Bass in her garden which will be open this Saturday and Sunday. Tickets can be purchased from the Pittsworth Function Centre on the day.

The garden is one of nine that will be open as part of Showcasing Pittsworth this Saturday and Sunday.

Lyn’s garden is largely focussed on trees, with pops of colour and texture from well established perennials.

There’s a drunken parrot tree with seeds that send the local birdlife a little wobbly, a towering Kurrajong tree that was little more than a metre when the Basses put it in many decades ago, a pretty Weeping Myor, a ‘Golden Gem’ Melaleuca, a “Judas tree” with hanging seed pods, tall bottle trees (“More like a tallie beer bottle shape” says Ann) and, a white Jacaranda, a Portuguese oak, and many more. 

Vibrant purple Russian sage, salt bush and colourful salvias spread across various pockets and a shade room displays begonias and ferns and other shade loving specimens.

Geoff built most of the seats and structures that can be seen around the garden.  

There’s a couple of Snow Queen Hibiscus each quite different due to their locations, and a row of Swan Lake hibiscus that throws out both pink and white flowers. 

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